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UNITED STATES: Pop Cultures--Elvis

Dwight Peterson is WAIS Public Defender. First Pinochet, now Elvis:

"I would like you to reassess your remarks about Elvis. I do not idolize the man's music but I enjoy it. Moreover, he was the first white man to enter the world of the black man's music successfully. I do not support nor promote his personal lifestyle but I have much respect for the man because of his patriotism to his country. I was drafted in 1955 upon graduation from Stanford as a private in the army. Several months later Elvis was either drafted or joined the army. I picked up cigarette butts, peeled potatoes, cleaned grease traps, cleaned barracks which my Stanford degree did not prepare me for. It is my understanding that Elvis went to Germany where he was a truck driver among other normal army duties. He did not serve in Special Services where he would have been treated differently. He picked up cigarette butts, peeled potatoes etc. etc. etc. At his request, he wanted to be a soldier. He came out a sergeant. I guess my potatoes weren't right because I came out a corporal. I salute him as a patriot."

Ronald Hilton - 8/22/00