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President Bush and International Law

Some WAISers deny, even angrily, the existence of international law. David Krieger has written "The President has gone too far", which begins thus: "The president can no longer be considered simply a vacuous puppet brought to power by big business, a family name, and election fraud. He must now be viewed as a dangerous opponent of our constitutional form of government, international law and the international order that was born in the aftermath of World War II.. The US withdrawal from the treaty establishing the International Criminal Court, announced by the Bush administration on May 6, 2002, has all the markings of a watershed event, an event that could make one weep for what it portends for the future of humanity and our country. The Bush administration is marching ahead in its assault on international law. Never before has a nation removed its sovereign signature from a treaty. Now it is done." David Krieger is president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation ( He can be contacted at". He is right about Bush showing little interest in international law, but he did not sign the treaty. The US Senate never ratified it.

Ronald Hilton - 5/9/02