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US Presidential Contest and NATO

Miles Seeley comments: "I appreciate Tim Brown's response, but I must note that it may be impossible to say how many US support troops at air bases and on ships at sea are there only to support the US presence on the ground in the Balkans, and how many would be there anyway. I still think it is important not to underplay European involvement. We are not the only country involved in helping others, nor, in the East Timor case, even the lead country. My opinion remains that this is a political issue and discussion of it has sometimes sacrificed fact for effect."

My comment: Listening to the presidential speeches, I have become concerned that a new isolationism is affecting the judgment of Americans. It consists of assuming that the United States won World Wars I and II. This attitude dampens the allies' gratitude. I remember that after World War I, it so annoyed the British that there was a popular song "It wasn't the Yanks that won the war!" It is noteworthy that many Americans think World War II began in 1941. This attitude permeates the History Channel, with its stress on US military superiority. King Philip II, Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler were convinced they had military superiority. The precedent should be noted.

Ronald Hilton - 10/25/00