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President Nixon

     I am happy to post this statement from Harry Papasotiriou:
     Despite the countless pages devoted on the esoteric and often outlandish theories on nuclear strategy, the Cold War was won by the West through political strategies that have been familiar for millennia. One of these was the balancing maneuver that Nixon executed with his opening to China, which in time isolated the Soviet Union from the Third World (China led virtually the entire Third World in denouncing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan) and increased its strategic vulnerability disastrously (encirclement), and thus decisively contributed to its demise eight years ago. The logic behind this balancing maneuver is identical to standard foreign policy practices of the Byzantine Empire, to give one historical example. Nixon and Kissinger must be credited with a move that got the United States out of temporary retreat due to the Vietnam morass and that contributed in a major way to the outcome of the Cold War.

Ronald Hilton - 11/20/99