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US: Press and TV

Tom Moore says: "I agree with John Heelan almost completely. Where we part is his attribution to TV and newspapers that they are reflecting their owners ideology. Actually they are reflecting their need to make a profit to cover their expenses. People read newspapers they generally agree with. People watch TV they agree with. If the newspaper/TV gives a foreign interpretation of the news contrary to what people want to read, they will not read the newspaper or watch the TV. Therefore throughout the world local papers and TV reflect local interests and local biases.

Speaking of newspapers, I have not seen anything on WAIS about the takeover by the New York Times of the International Herald Tribune. As everyone knows the IHT, which is by far the best paper in the world, has been jointly owned by the Washington Post and the NYT. The New York Times apparently wants to go international and may change the name of the IHT to the International New York Times. If this were just a name change, it would be sad since the IHT has been around since the 19th century, but I fear that the NYT, which has lost much of its objectivity in recent decades will push its ideology on that great paper Paris based paper".

RH: Perhaps David Pike or Tom Sancton in Paris are in touch with the IHT and can give us first-hand information.

Ronald Hilton - 1210//02