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President Truman and the dropping of the bomb

Truman's dropping the atom bomb is still being discussed passionately. In a TV program, a marine who had fought in the Pacific and seen the number of Americans killed the islands campaign strongly approved of Truman's action. Most WAISers would agree with John Wonder, who says: "I am still of two minds about the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan; it's one of those pros and cons businesses. One wants to save American lives--and who knows, the infantry assault on Japan might have been intolerably bloody. I rather suspect it might have been. On the other hand, the devastation of Japan was atrocious. We did warn them, however; and their intelligence must have known we were not bluffing about the bomb. Choices, choices." One choice was the targets. Why Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Back to out history book project: What do Japanese now think about the war? One Japanese said "I feel Japan was roped into World War II". The implication is that the US was the cowboy. Remember Pearl Harbor!

Ronald Hilton - 1/1/02