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UNITED STATES: Universities and their priorities

Paul Sinon excuses, but does eulogize, the financial priorities of our universities: "Salaries are a reflection of the value a society places on a skill; when college sports bring in hundreds of millions in broadcast rights to universities with top teams, naturally those schools will pay lots for top coaches. Let's not blame universities for being victims of the societies they exist in! The flaw lies not with them but with"

My comment: I agree entirely. Everything is being commercialized, even the sporting spirit which characterized the games of my student days, when sports teams were amateurs (meaning literally did it for the love of the game). There is no love in professional sports. Who is to blame. the players or the spectators? In Rio de Janeiro at the end of a soccer championship match, the supporter of the defeated team invaded the field, and in the scuffle a number were killed and many injured. It was a game between teams named Vasco da Gama and Sao Caetano. Surely no one in the crowd knew or cared who that saint was, but everyone knew the names of the players. If you have friends called in Spanish Cayetano, they may well have been born on August 7, the feast day of the saint, who lived from 1480 to 1547 and founded the Order of Teatinos, whose task it was to prepare the condemned to die a worthy death. There were none around the help those condemned to die in the Rio stadium.

Ronald Hilton - 1/01/01