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Origin of Name Port Arthur, Texas

     The Port Arthur problem is compounded by Port Arthur, Texas. Texan WAISers have rushed to enlightened us, beginning with Dwight Virnau:
     "Port Arthur, Texas is located on the northwest shore of Lake Sabine, which is just nine miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The original site of this settlement was known as Aurora in 1840. This City is named after Arthur E. Stilwell, a rich Kansas City financier, who was instrumental in building the railroad to the edge of this town site. Home of Lamar University at Port Arthur (formerly Port Arthur College). Queen of Peace statue and Oriental gardens at 801 9th Ave. are especially beautiful when decorated with 700,000 lights at Christmas."
     Enter Jaqui White:
     Port Arthur is the namesake of Arthur E. Stilwell, who platted the town in 1895. He envisioned Port Arthur as a resort, as a port city, and as the terminus of the railroad he would eventually build, linking Port Arthur to Kansas City. Port Arthur is designated as a Port of Entry, due to the dredging of a ship canal, and ranks as the 12th largest port in the United States, and the second largest oil refining port. It is still the important terminus of the Kansas City Southern Railroad."

     My comment: Now WAISers will never forget Port Arthurs. Some time ago, a fellow took the night plane from New York to Oakland, California. When he woke up, he found himself in Auckland, New Zealand. Moral: When going to Port Arthur, specify which one. I suppose Lamar University is named after Hedi Lamar.

Ronald Hilton - 3/1/00