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The US: Race and sex victimization

Every country has its peculiar sickness. That of the US is race and sex victimization. That the US Secretary of State (more admired, according to a poll, than the President), the National Secretary Adviser, and the US-backed Secretary General of the UN (a very powerful trio) are all black shows that the US is desperately eager to give blacks their due. Yet Cornel West of Harvard has behaved like a lout toward the deferential university president, saying magnanimously that he would forgive him, but not forget. Brooklyn's new borough president, Marty Markowitz said that we must "take down the old white guys", and removed a portrait of George Washington from his office. In Stanford Medical School there were portraits of previous deans. Black students demanded "where are the black deans?". The portraits were removed.

The latest brouhaha concerns the monument to the firefighters who lost their lives in the World Trade Center. Of the 343 firefighters killed, 319 were white, and the monument showed three white firefighters. This was denounced as racist: the trio should be one white, one black and one Hispanic. Of course, this still would be grossly sexist, so one should be male, one female, and one bisexual. The problem is: which should be which? The only solution is to make all three all three. This problem has yet to be solved. Any suggestions should be sent to the New York Fire Department.

Ronald Hilton - 2/12/02