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UNITED STATES: Republican Convention

Cathie Adams, Texas member of the 2000 Republican Platform, stands for the ideals of the Founding Fathers and of WAIS, she reports:

"Step Aside, Balloon Brigade, Issues to the Forefront .WAISERS have terrific ideas and can greatly influence whether political conventions continue to decline into balloon festivals or whether ideas will make a comeback. Our Republican form of government allows a real forum for creative ideas where we can decide to embrace 1960s ideas that create government largess or to put forth new ideas that seek to strengthen families and limit government to its Constitutional boundaries.

People with ideas cannot be timid nor can we forsake principle because principle is a mandatory component of freedom. We can thank God that we probably will not have to make the same sacrifices that our Founding Fathers did, but we cannot be complacent. Freedom requires principled involvement in the political process; it requires more than just voting.

During last week's Republican convention in Philadelphia, I was labeled a "troublemaker" by some, because I love the give and take of ideas based on principle. That is what C-SPAN viewers saw and heard during much of the platform deliberations. Conventions are supposed to be forums where ideas are debated, and if they flourish, it is because our Republic remains alive and freedom reigns."

Ronald Hilton - 8/11/00