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US Resolutions on Iraq

The Bush Administration's `policy on Iraq seems to be to demand that the UN approve ever tougher resolutions on Iraq. If the UN "shows a lack of calcium in its spine", the US would declare it had to do the job without the UN. Here is the opening section of a Reuters report on the mood of the permanent members of the Security Council: Russia is unhappy with a proposed US-sponsored UN resolution setting down tough terms to Iraq on disarming because it could not be implemented. A report issued by Interfax news agency, a day after Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov discussed the resolution with a top US envoy, said officials were unhappy with its terms setting strict deadlines for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. The sources described experts in Moscow as "disappointed" with the text, saying: "In its current form, this resolution cannot be implemented by its very nature." Britain backs the draft, but the other three permanent members of the Security Council with veto powers - Russia, France and China - all have serious reservations.

Ronald Hilton - 10/2/02