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Responsibility versus Violence

     John Wonder sounds like Ortega y Gasset. He says: The trouble I find with your and Jacqui White's weltanschauung is the following: Can a sense of responsibility prevail when most of the populace has none? Can this be improved by education, preaching, etc.? I doubt it. It must be done by authority (and most effectively by parental authority). The electorate must also be responsible for the fact that the best elements (not the most charismatic) are elected to office. If we do not do this, whatever happens to our society (and I see grave problems ahead) is basically our own fault as a people.
     My comment: Why is it that England and Canada have a much lower rate of violence than the United States? It is because, in the American tradition, people think only of their rights and can always invoke "we the people". America got off on the wrong foot. What can be done now?

Ronald Hilton - 05/10/99