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US: Senator Ted Kennedy on Bush Nuclear Arms Policy

Gordon Jackson wrote this before Colin Powell made his presentation to the UN Security Council: "And the administration fears that Iraq will use nuclear weapons? What Senator Kennedy says makes sense. In the absence of hard evidence that Iraq poses a clear and present danger, the administration can only be said to be acting out of fear of the unknown. One would think they would fear the possible consequences of the actions they contemplate taking militarily. When the administration says that they are acting in the interest of peace, they are really talking about peace of mind, which is an illusion as long as any nation possesses weapons of mass destruction. So where will the administration stop? Will they seek to disarm every nation that possesses such weapons and could therefore be viewed as a potential threat? FDR was right when he said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"."

RH: After Colin Powell's presentation to the Security Council. Senator Kennedy, on the defensive, still demanded a second UN vote. The other members of the Security Council did not change their position, and France was especially outspoken. I still maintain that there is a tie between the Administration and the History Channel. For days now, the "history classroom" has been devoted to American troops winning over great odds. Three programs have shown how Black soldiers overcame segregation in the armed forces. General John J. Pershing, as well as other top generals, were shown to be hard racists. President Truman integrated the armed forces. The moral is that now Blacks can rise to the top in the armed forces.

Ronald Hilton - 2/6/03