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US: Shale oil

Tom Moore replies to Daryl DeBell's note on shale as a source of oil, which he views as unnecessary: "The cost of extracting usable oil from shale is much higher than tapping existing sources of energy. It would not take nuclear explosions to get this oil. Under Jimmy Carter's synfuel program, research was carried out on shale oil, but it is not currently viable. There is however a huge quantity that potentially could be gotten. We do not need to conquer Iraq to get its oil. Whoever runs Iraq will want to see it in the world market. It is the main source of income for that country. It is simply paranoia to think that unless we control the Middle East our supplies of oil are in danger. It is possible that some country could temporarily shut down its oil, leading to a spike in oil prices, but sooner rather than later they would want to sell the stuff rather than let it sit in the ground".

George Sassoon says: "According to Danish scientist Björn Lomborg's book The Skeptical Environmentalist, there are enough oil shales in Canada to last us for several thousand years. New and possibly more expensive extraction extraction techniques would be needed, but certainly not nuclear explosions. Lomborg's book is thoroughly to be recommended to anyone who wants to hear the other side of many environmental scare stories".

RH: Ordinary explosives (not nuclear) are used to extract oil from shale. New techniques are being developed.

Ronald Hilton - 11/21/02