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Silicon Valley: The View from France

     The perception countries have of themselves varies, often sharply, from that of other countries. We know that the French do not view the United States as we view ourselves. Coincidentally, this morning, the difference was made clear in reports on Silicon Valley. The San Jose Mercury News (4/10/00) ran a front-page feature article "Churches get budget boost from spreading tech affluence." The subtitle reads "Churches face challenges of donations explosions."
     Also this morning, French TV ran a feature program on Silicon Valley, featuring Menlo Park, probably the only time it has had that distinction. It depicted people with fabulous incomes living in luxury houses or tearing down good houses to build a bigger one. At the same time, they have all kinds of problems, and they go the churches to get counseling. They are so busy they do not have time for children.
     Would the real Menlo Park please stand up?

Ronald Hilton - 4/10/00