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State Department of Global Affairs

Tim Brown explains:

"The Office of Global Affairs has been in existence for several year and is headed by an Under Secretary. In the past it has handled such issues as Women's Rights and global initiatives of various sorts. State has a separate Office of the Coordinator of Counterterrorism, which is one of the fourteen or fifteen offices that form the Secretary's personal staff, which has also been in existence for a number of years. One of its former heads did a 15 hour national security seminar for me at Sierra Nevada College this summer. In terms of hierarchy, Under Secretaries come just below the Deputy Secretary. Last time I checked there were seven of them. And State is the smallest Department in the Federal government!"

My comment: I seem to remember the time when there were just two: one for political affairs, one for economic affairs. As the posting mentioned, State is now being reorganized. Moving the furniture.

Ronald Hilton - 10/27/01