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The States Bordering Mexico

     General George A. Joulwan, former NATO supreme commander in Europe, spoke on C-Span to promote the plan to send NATO troops to Kosovo, and to bomb the area if necessary. In the question period, up spoke a listener from New Mexico defending Kosovo's demand for complete independence. What, he asked, would the U.S. do if New Mexico proclaimed its independence? Bomb it? General Joulwan avoided the question, but it is a valid one. Perhaps the questioner was comparing the anglos in New Mexico to the Serbs. Perhaps he was related to the groups demanding Texan independence. If the border states become predominantly Mexican, some act by Washington could trigger a Kosovo-like movement. NAFTA links the whole area economically, and emotion is more potent than money. Kosovo would be better off financially as part of Yugoslavia than independent or part of Albania.

Ronald Hilton - 02/14/99