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Texas: Tex-Mex and El Cenizo

     WAIS is indebted to Jaqui White for keeping us informed about her Mexican corner of Texas. Clippings from October include one calling for October 12 to be an anti-Spanish day, based on the mock trial of Christopher Columbus in Honduras convened by human rights organizations; he was convicted and executed. A previous WAIS posting called attention to the fact that Spain no longer calls October 12 the Day of Hispanidad, since the word is so controversial. Another clipping expresses disapproval of the word "Hispanics," which lumps together people of different national and racial backgrounds.
     Most significant is the publicity given to El Cenizo, so small that it does not appear on my detailed map of Texas. Its city council passed an ordinance that meetings be conducted exclusively in Spanish and that the inhabitants would not cooperate with the Border Patrol. The governments of several Mexican states and LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) expressed support for the language resolution without condemning the rest of it. No wonder many Americans view El Cenizo as a Trojan colt which may grow into a horse.

Ronald Hilton - 10/17/99