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TEXAS: Drought

From Port Isabel, aouthwestern Texas, Jaqui White reports: "We are in a three year drought. People still water their lawns and so far there are no restrictions. We go through this every year, and every year the residual rains from the hurricanes save our lives and fill our reservoirs. The problem is that for the last few years the rains from surrounding storms have not been sufficient to fill the two reservoirs, Falcon and Amistad. We shall have to have torrents of rains to accomplish that. Mexico and the US have a water agreement, and Mexico owes us quite a bit of water. Northern Mexico is in the same condition we are - terrible drought, lost crops, etc. There are plans, however, to repay our water. The Presidents Fox and Bush have discussed this at length. So, our hopes are to receive tropical downpours, without the hurricanes, for the next six months."

My comment: "Hope springs eternal in the feminine heart". We men say: build canals and pipe lines. Jaqui does not mention them.

Ronald Hilton - 6/11/01