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TEXAS: Drought

Raśl Escalante from Mexico comments:

".. and economists say 'let water prices reflect the cost to society of consuming it'.This is a worrying problem in Mexico, where water is practically free and is squandered by people who aren't conscious of the damage they are causing. As for the US side, I don't remember exact figures off the top of my head, but I remember the number of golf courses in San Diego to be scandalous, given the water shortage problems there. I wonder what the situation in Southwestern Texas is like. In any event, best of luck to both sides of the border on tropical rainstorms being plentiful this season".

My comment: The Tropic of Cancer cuts across Mexico from the tip of Baja California to the southern part of Tamaulipas. Both coasts, but especially the east coast, are hit by hurricanes from June to November. They are irregular sources of water,often bringing more damage than benefits. The area north of the tropic is largely desert or semi-desert. Both the US and the Mexican government have built dams, but the reservoirs they create are half-empty. It is probable, therefore, that this summer will see a major crisis. Raśl Escalante is quite right about the silly waste.

Ronald Hilton - 6/13/01