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TEXAS: The weather and Russell Bentley

Texas and the neighboring Mexican states have been suffering from a protracted drought, which has caused ill-will and mutual recriminations. Has nature solved the problem? From Port Isabel, Jaqui White says: "I am delighted to report that we have had some very good, soaking rains, and, although we are told the drought has not been broken, still our lawns are green and vibrant, the mosquitos have come to radiant life. You have no idea how depressing it is to see all the leaves of the bushes and trees completely covered with dust for months on end. Now everything is green, and I am sure the foliage is thrilled to be able to breath again".

Jaqui nominates Russell Bentley for membership in WAIS, and we are pleased to welcome him as a link between the US and China. Jaqui says: "He and his wife have made numerous trips to China during the last two years or so, in volunteer teaching capacities. They are brilliant, innovative, dedicated and most of all beloved by all. They are internationalists, have spent many years overseas, and are greatly interested in humanitarian projects of all kinds"

Rusty himself tells us: "My wife and I taught the fall of 2000 and spring of 2001 at Henan Normal University in XinXiang which is just north of ZhengZhou. It was a very interesting and fulfilling experience for us and we have been back twice for short lecture tours at other schools. We will return again the last of January to join four of our former students for Chinese New Years in Qingdao.We have established "sister school" status between an elementary school in Brownsville, Texas, and Red Flag School in XinXiang and also between Lopez High School in Brownsville and Changge Experimental School in Xuchang City south of ZhengZhou. This has been exciting for both schools and students and is something that should be done more and more. I would highly recommend White's Thunder Out of China as an adjunct to Tuchman's Stillwell as it was written in 1946 and is very interesting to read his perspective at that date and time".

Ronald Hilton - 7/1/02