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The American Empire

From Germany, Max Manuel Rodriguez Navarro comments on the speech given by Charles Krauthammer at the third annual Hillsdale College Churchill Dinner; "This speech looks terrible to me. The USA is behaving more and more like an empire in decadence. All the signs are there, especially being out of touch with reality. Some people begin to talk about implosion. In the present situation, it is difficult not to be pessimistic about the future of the US, and as a consequence, of the West.

It would be great if finally Bush proves to be right and we are wrong, . We would really love it. But at the moment we do not believe that, and to call Europeans cowards is not the way to convince us. We are not in the school anymore, but some politicians should go back to history classes-- and not only politicians...Who are the real recipients of this sort of message? Internal? That thought is even more frightening. To argue that military power will maintain American hegemony is a joke. For an empire to last, first has to conquer, and then to convince. Nothing else works for long. Dark clouds",

Ronald Hilton - 2/2/03