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Miles Seeley, who spent his career in the CIA working in Arab countries and the Middle East, says of the Codevilla article: "I have not read the article in question, nor do I intend to. I gave up trying to refute the many books and articles criticizing the Agency because you could spend your life rebutting unfounded accusation after accusation. But it's pretty hilarious to accuse it of favoring the Arabs over Israel. From the time of James Angleton (Chief of CIA CounterIntelligence and an infamous seeker of dark conspiracies, as well as a strong supporter of Israel) the Agency has been close to the Israelis. Unless things have changed radically, the bias is the other way around, as I learned in my tours in Arab countries.

Similarly, saying the CIA is hostile to Catholics and conservatives simply flies in the face of all evidence. I have no idea where he got such notions, since in my day Catholics and conservatives were as plentiful as liberals and Protestants, maybe more so.

Everyone attacking the Agency seems to forget that it is a part of the Executive Branch, and thus under direct control of the President. However much "deniability" is erected to protect the President, in fact he issues the directives. If the CIA backed some dictator, you can bet the President wanted it that way.

As for the Church Committee report being a whitewash, has he ever seen that report? No, he could not have. I give up, the Agency will never be seen objectively, it's the nature of the beast, I guess".

Ronald Hilton - 4/1/02