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The CIA: The salary and posting system (?)

Miles Seeley tells how the CIA pay system works(?):

"In the 1950s and 60s, the CIA system of pay was based on what cover you had. If you were Foreign Service Reserve, you got State's COLA etc. It made for some disparities: In Korea, I was a Lieutenant in the USAF and got paid $222.00 a month plus combat pay, more than a little under what FSRs and Dept of Army Civilians got.

Assignments were generally made without regard for what you desired, especially if you were a junior case officer. If you heard of an opening you could apply, and if you knew someone you could often wangle a posting; but I vividly remember being called into the office of my Division Chief and being told I was going to Amman in a week. And for another assignment, being told I would be under Non-Official cover, meaning I had none of the protection of a US Government official. It all worked out, and I enjoyed every posting, but it was pretty arbitrary".

Ronald Hilton - 11/24/01