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US: The USS Liberty episode

Hank Greely says: "I still haven't heard what strikes me as a very plausible motive for the attack on the Liberty being an intentional Israeli action, although the facts of the incident make it hard to characterize,as unintentional. One post seemed to imply that it might have been an Israeli effort to bring the US into the war on their side, presumably by pretending that Arab planes had done the bombing, but the same post noted that the Arab airforces had already been wiped out. Virginia Abernethy suggests that it was to hide the alleged execution of 60 Egyptian POWs (an incident I know nothing about), but attacking a US ship and killing American sailors would seem, I think, more likely to make trouble for Israel with the US than the murder (if that's what happened) of Egyptian POWs. I am genuinely puzzled, but without a plausible candidate for an Israeli motive for such an attack, the notorious fog of war, even in a late Mediterranean spring, may be the least unlikely answer".

Phyllis Gardner says: "There seems to be a good deal of evidence about this. Do you think these reports are true? the explanation below doesn't seem right because most of the sailors were alive to remember the execution as well as the attack. It is an appalling incident if so. What do you think?"

RH:I think Mossad commits crazy acts, as my experience testifies. Victor Ostrovsky is an author and former agent of Mossad, the Israeli spy service. He exposed the fact that Israeli had a nuclear weapons program, and fled for his life to Canada. He wrote The Other Side of Deception (HarperCollins, 1994), which included information about Israeli testing of biological weapons. I have a series of one-hour TV interviews, mostly with Stanford faculty. Pete McCloskey, the much esteemed Member of Congress from this district, was one of a small group of congressmen who lost their seats because they called for Palestinians to receive justice. He was a much appreciated WAISer. He called me one day and said that Ostrovsky had come from Canada secretly and was visiting him. He asked if he could appear on our program. I agreed and Pete brought him with an armed guard, since Mossad had threatened his life. It was the only time I conducted an interview with an armed guard blocking the door. The threat to kill Ostrovosky in America showed shall we say poor public relations. If he had been killed in my house, I would have sought the advice of Hank, thus completing the vicious circle. Hank, what should I have done? Just call the police and said I was having trouble with Mossad? Who's he, the cop would have asked.

Ronald Hilton - 5/1/03