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US government pecking order

The Good Book, to which this god-fearing country pays obeisance, says "The first shall be last, and the last first". It certainly was not talking about the US Government. Paul Simon writes: "I'd be interested in USMC General Sullivan's response. Seems to me that in the traditional role of Marines, you'd have to have ships, i.e. a Navy, ere you could have Marines.......I have to point out that the Senior CABINET department is the STATE Department. This is why State's seal is the Great Seal, and why the actual Great Seal (there really is one!) is in the State Dept. HQ bldg, and why the Secretary of State is first Cabinet Secretary in line of succession to the President. I'm assuming representatives of the different branches of the armed forces will have similarly interesting evidence and trivia and, I look forward to seeing it".

My comment: I suppose the furstest with the mostest will be the lastest with the leastest. Sorry. God does not talk like that.

Ronald Hilton - 12/2/01