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US-MEXICAN RELATIONS: Mexican Immigration to the US

Tim Brown puts forward the classical argument of free-market advocates:"Elias Castillo's conclusions ignore the laws of free trade economics. In a free trading world, unionizing farm workers and raising their incomes. Hence the costs of production in the US, would simply price labor intensive US agricultural production out of the market. The consequence would be to make imports more price competitive, reduce US production, and reduce the number of US farm labor jobs in that part of the farm sector, and make us even more dependent on capital intensive agro production. Labor costs are the reason why such crops as cotton, tomatoes, melons, grapes, and many more are now harvested by machines not people"

Tim goes on the provide examples from various sectors of the economy. It is the argument used by those who oppose a minimum wage. Union spokesmen disagree vehemently. The argument goes on and on. Clearly Tim would not march for Cesar Chavez.

Ronald Hilton - 8/25/01