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US policy, Christianity and Islam

Here is an Islamic view from Fay Afaf Kanafani: "Before condemning Islam as an evil religion that preaches terrorism, the WAISER architect who happens to be a faithful Christian should read what the Christian New Testament Bible has in store:the destruction of all the non Christians in the Middle East region. Armageddon is very blunt in putting a condition on the final return of Christ, nothing less than the killing of all non Christians first. We, American Muslims, know that most such fanatics as Al Qaeida and their Taliban (students) were tutored, trained and armed by Christian leaders of the Western world.They give their students names according to whose service they are in. The same fanatics who were called Freedom fighters when killing the Russians , and who were neglected by those who trained them from the time Russia collapsed until now, have become the enemies to the Western leaders, and labeled as terrorists. Saddam Hussein is an example of such plots. After he got all the support and the arms he needed to wage war against the Iraqi people themselves and the people of Iran, he became a lottery to draw into whenever our leaders would get in a national mess".

My comment: This view is common, and there is much truth to it. There have been long arguments about the interpretation of the Book of Revelation. As for the statement that it(chapter 15) foresees the killing of all non-Christians, I can find nothing to justify that; the book speaks simply of the 144,000 elect, and there have been endless arguments as to what that means. The idea that Muslims were condemned comes from people like Dante, who thought Mohammed was the Anti-Christ--one more reason why I do not like Dante. The US is about the only country where some people still believe in the inerrancy of the Bible and look for current portents in the Book of Revelation. Most Christians take the book metaphorically and would be appalled at the statement made qbove. The Dean of Religious Life at Stanford, good WAISer Scotty McLennan, is a Universalist Unitarian,and respects Islam. Perhaps he or some other WAISer (Ed Jajko, Derek Davis, Jon Huyck) may have some views on this.

Ronald Hilton - 3/2/02