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US Presidents as Masons. Herbert Hoover?

Answering the question as to whether Hoover was a Mason, Paul Simon replied: "Hoover's name would only be in the records of his mother lodge, i.e. the one he originally joined or in the attendance rolls or any lodge he visited. I know my lodges don't keep their attendance books from a century ago handy and aren't sure what notables might have been members in the past. The matter may well remain cloudy."

My comment: Incredible! There are two good WAISers who are our last hope of answering this question: Tim Walch, director of the Hoover Presidential Library at West Branch, Iowa, and Elena Danielson, without whose scholarship the Hoover Tower would collapse. In any case, this exchange confirms the difference between US Masons and those in Europe and Latin America, where Masonic activities and names are usually secret. Hoover was naturally more open about his affiliation with the Quakers.

Ronald Hilton - 1/4/02