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US: Visa requirements and Poland

Poland, a staunch ally of the US in the attack on Iraq, criticised Washington on Tuesday for imposing stringent new travel curbs on its citizens. Poland had hoped that as a reward for its help in overthrowing Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the US would relax entry visa rules for Poles to facilitate contacts with the nine-million-strong Polish community there. But the US embassy in Warsaw announced that Poland would not be exempted from new rules, which require anybody in the world who needs a US visa to show up in person for an interview as of 1 August. US consular offices now decide on an individual basis whether a visa request needs an interview. The new rules are likely significantly to increase waiting times for visas" RH: People who enter the US illegally jump the line unfairly. The law is the law for all, or at least it should be.

Ronald Hilton - 7/28/03