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War with Iraq?

Daryl DeBell asks: "Why is it that WAISers have not been actively discussing the current hawkish trends of the current administration? Particularly the apparent near abdication of Congress redeclaring war. Last evening the news showed Trent Lott declaring that Congress should not interfere in the President's conduct of foreign policy especially his clear suggestions regarding the invasion of Iraq and regime change. Personally I thought that it was a great mistake to have abandoned the military action in the Gulf War when it appeared likely that Hussein could have been overthrown relatively easily, but I question whether it is legal according to the Constitution to start a new war now for that purpose. I am completely convinced that Hussein is a pathological narcissist, (a real monster) and a severe threat to Israel, but I doubt very much that he is stupid enough to attack the US. The administration's vague statements that he 'is capable of making weapons of mass destruction', and could even have a nuclear device, sound like speculation. Quite possible, but not entirely convincing. It even seems a bit hypocritical when we and a number of other nations do in fact have vast stores of such weapons. The suggestion that he has ties to Al Qaeda (sp?) is also most unconvincing. In the first place because their radical Islamic ideas are strongly opposed to his secular and generally progressive programs".

My comment: Hussein and co. are thugs, but the open congressional discussion of the need to start a preemptive war against him is unparalleled in my experience. Congress has not abdicated its responsibilities; it is investigating the situation. The reaction of much of the world seems to be this: Why does the US have a double standard, remaining silent about the fact that Israel has weapons of mass destruction and defies UN resolutions? Hussein could argue that the US is threatening it and therefore should strike first. I agree that it is unfortunate that the US did not continue the Gulf War to its logical conclusion. I took this up once with Henry Rowen, who was directly involved, and he simply said that the US had carried out its mandate.

Ronald Hilton - 8/1/02