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War with Iraq

The proposed war with Iraq is naturally on the minds of WAISers. John Heelan says: "Some interesting comparisons are being made in the UK between Bush's desire to topple Saddam Hussein and Anthony Eden's ill-fated attempt, in a dying twitch of imperial bravado, to topple Egypt's General Nasser in 1956".

Miles Seeley asks "I would be interested to hear what Saddam Hussein says he intends to do. Would Mr. Bentley enlighten me?" The Nasser-Hussein comparison is not quite accurate. In the case of Nasser, the invasion was called off on instructions from John Foster Dulles and the US. Why Israel, France and Britain heeded this command I do not know. I believe that Dulles was not very pro-Israel and threatened to cut off aid. This time it is the US which plans to attack, despite European objections (not instructions), but with the strong support of Israel, which may be exerting through the Zionist lobby pressure we are as yet uninformed about. As for Miles Seeley's question, obviously Hussein has a plan, but he is not discussing it.. His system allows him to do this..

Ronald Hilton - 8/5/02