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US: War with Iraq - intelligence official resigns

Virginia Abernethy forwards this UPI (3/19/03) dispatch from Washington: "The top National Security Council (NSC) official in the war on terrorism resigned this week for what a NSC spokesman said were personal reasons, but intelligence sources say the move reflects concern that the looming war with Iraq is hurting the fight against terrorism&"Hardly a surprise," said one former intelligence official. "We have sacrificed a war on terror for a war with Iraq. I don t blame Randy (Beers) at all. This just reflects the widespread thought the war on terror is being set aside for the war with Iraq at the expense of our military and intel resources and the relationships with our allies."..

"This is a very intriguing decision (by Beers)," said the author and intelligence expert James Bamford. "There is a predominant belief in the intelligence community that an invasion of Iraq will cause more terrorism than it will prevent. There is also a tremendous amount of embarrassment by intelligence professionals that there have been so many lies out of the administration by the president, (Vice President Dick) Cheney and (Secretary of State Colin) Powell over Iraq."&

"It is absurd that the president of the United States mentioned in a speech before the world information from phony documents and no one got fired," Bamford said. "That alone has offended intelligence professionals throughout the services."&..Beers joined the NSC in August after heading the State Department's International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Branch, where he ran the Pian Columbian program to fight narco-traffickers in that country. Beers served both Bush Administrations as well as serving in simiiar capacities with both the Clinton and Reagan administrations".

Ronald Hilton - 3/21/03