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United States: The War with Mexico

     Everything I say involving Texas seems to offend Jaqui White. Speaking of the presidential campaign of George W. Bush, she says you must have faith. She recalls the parable of the mustard seed. I therefore suggested that his campaign slogan should be "A mustard seed for President!!"
     Now she rides in defense of the Texas Rangers, but does not mention the Branch Dravidian incident at Waco:
     The Texas Rangers are the most elite, revered, and respected law keepers in the country. In early Texas times, I am sure they were not the most cultured and refined gentlemen of the law. At that time they would not have lasted two minutes had they been. Tough men in tough times. You will notice that the Texas Rangers wear WHITE hats.
     There is a great deal of romance and mysticism connected with the Rangers and cowboys, hence Brazil's emulation. To this day, the men in the area where I live, when they dress up, wear cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Large silver belt buckles are also de rigueur. When these men are in restaurants, by the way, they do not remove their hats. I think they want to be ready for action.
     There was a notification in the paper that the boys accompanying the girls in the annual Cotillion (kind of a debutante ball) had to wear tuxedos, and if they wore boots, they would be asked to leave - Tan delicado! Usually the men take great pride in wearing cowboy boots with their tuxedos, black and very elegant.
     My comment: Spanglish dress.

Ronald Hilton - 09/06/99