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US: What next?

Professor Tor Guimaraes says: "Lately, I don't feel too proud to be an American. I believe Saddam deserves whatever hell he has dished out to his victims but I feel like a bully: we bullied the UN after they disagreed slightly (a little timing problem?); we bullied the American people through the media that informed us very little and told us what was right and wrong, and we bullied ourselves into neglecting the American people's need for jobs, education, etc while burning a huge amount of resources in war. And after this war? Iran? North Korea? Syria? Terrorism? I am thinking about joining our military/security forces. It seems to be the only business with bright prospects right now". RH: You are lucky to have academic tenure, and, if you are typical of our profession, I doubt you could pass the medical exam.

Ronald Hilton - 3/21/03