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Texas, Wonks in South Texas

     Jaqui White makes her contribution to the dictionary of Texanese:
     "Texas is a very large state, so I only speak for only this tiny little part, but no one has heard of the term "Wonk". I thought it was a term known by the high school or college set, but so far I am met with blank stares. One friend who is in his early 30's said that in his experience wonk meant wife only, no children; honk means husband only, no children; and dink means double income, no children. All of this is non-sequitur, in my opinion, and does not contribute in any way to your discussion. Sorry we seem to be so wonk-less down here."

     My comment: WAISers are divided into wonks, honks, dinks, AND OTHERS, the silent majority. It was a Texan who assured us that Governor George W. Bush is not a wonk. Indeed, he belongs in the OTHERS category.

Ronald Hilton - 3/7/00