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World Awareness

     WAISers share my concern about American indifference to international affairs. Ed Simmen writes:
     Regarding world awareness. Each evening I watch ABC's WORLD NEWS TONIGHT WITH PETER JENNINGS. It is anything BUT world news. For the last two weeks, I have been carefully checking and suddenly realized that the only "events" that take place outside the United States which are covered are those that concern Americans in those countries...such as the Tour de France! That got about a minute and only because the winner was an American. However, I am blessed with the fact that I have a short wave radio and can pick up the BBC World Service and the VOA. The Mexican news programs are just the opposite. There is much news of the world...but VERY little real news about Mexico.
     My comment: Right! One problem is that American ambassors to major capitals are usually political (and ignorant) appointees. To mark my (secret) birthday, our esteemed vice-chairman David Pike has sent me a beautiful reproduction of a Claude Monet landscape. It reminds me that Mrs. Averell Harriman, our Ambassador to Paris, was being briefed on the ideas of Jean Monnet, the father of the E.U. She had never heard of him; she thought they were talking about Claude Monet.
     The American Embassy in London had heard that Churchill esteemed highly the dispatches of Isaiah Berlin from Washington and said he would like to meet him. The American Embassy produced Irving Berlin; there was no meeting of minds.
     As for Mexican news, it is a puzzle. Televisa news had an excellent commentator on Mexican politics. He disappeared and was replaced by a less sophisticated young man whose discusses the politics of all American countries except Mexico.

Ronald Hilton - 07/29/99