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More on the US World Image

     A major WAIS concern is the picture each country has of the world and vice-versa. It is explosive stuff. The shooting at Littleton, Colorado has reinforced the image of the United States as a gun-crazy country whose influence is spreading.
     When I came to the United States in 1937, I was taken to the office of Los Angeles police chief Davis. It was decorated with a cartoon of some Arkies trying to enter California. The caption read: "California, here we come! Chief Davis, keep them on the run!"
     Chief Davis took me to the shooting range back of his office. There some twenty cops were shooting away at cardboard human targets. Bang! Bang! Bang... I remarked that in England the cops did not carry guns. He muttered something like "sissies!"
     Actually, a case may be made for shooting. Having failed to kill Castro, the United States has banned such attempts. However, killing Milosevich might have made the present bombing of Serbia unnecessary. Of course, had the U.S. sponsored that, there would have been a world-wide protest. Poor cops! They canīt win. As Gilbert and Sullivan said "A policemanīs lot is not a happy one!"

Ronald Hilton - 05/08/99