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From Athens, Harry Papasotiriou writes: "This attack was such a vast operation, displaying such organizational and tactical skills, that I am convinced it has a large strategic purpose, namely to provoke an American over-reaction and a spiral of "civilizational" conflict. A massive retaliation with losses of many innocent lives is exactly what the masterminds behind this attack want, in order to promote the radicalization of the Middle East, the toppling of pro-Western governments and a major "civilizational" confrontation. They may even have provided for a counter-thrust, after the first US punitive move, with new outrages in the United States (the FBI presumably is combing Manhattan for atomic devices) to fuel the flames of mutual escalation. This may well be Napoleonic in scope (though I hope I am wrong). I doubt that bin Laden is the sole mastermind. I wouldn't be surprised, if the enemy network extends to fundamentalist cells in the secret services of pro-Western Mideastern governments".

My comment: There was masterly planning in the attack. There has been much speculation as to why September 11 was chosen, but no one has pointed out that the consortium which runs to World Trade Center was due to meet there that day. The meeting was postponed, no one knows why. It looks as though the attackers knew about the meeting, and someone tipped the consortium off, or had the meeting postponed using any pretext. The World Trade Center would be of much more interest to anti-globalists than to Middle East fanatics. Investigations should be global.

Ronald Hilton - 9/23/01