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Virtuous Bushites, Murderous Goreites

Regarding the posting "Virtuous Bushites, Murderous Goreites", Randy Black says: "Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University is not the source of any of the statistics or the text attributed to him. Professor Olson confirmed that he had no authorship or involvement in this matter. The actual murder rates, by the way, are · Gore: 6.5 · Bush: 4.1 per 100,000". RH: There still is a difference. Miles Seeley says "That is a truly offensive post". RH: Assuming that Professor Olson is telling the truth, someone, possibly a campus enemy of Olson, is trying to make him look like a fool. Surely this malicious act is a criminal offense.

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, gives us these figures about the last presidential elections:
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the tax-paying citizens of this great country. Gore's territory encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off government welfare..."
RH: Are the Bushites so much more virtuous than the Goreites?

Constitution suspended in Crawford, Texas

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the US guarantees the right of the people peaceably to assemble. Jack Kretzer asks:"Did you know that Crawford, TX does not recognize the Constitution?

Remember that Crawford is 7 miles from the Bush Ranch. About 100 people recently were driving thu Crawford in
route to protest the war in Iraq, when they ran in to a City of Crawford police road block that kept them from
going to the Ranch. Chief Tidmore had been given the protest organizers' name and phone number by the
Secret Service; and had read a report in the Waco Tribune. He waited for the group to get out of their cars, then
warned them about the protest and parade ordinance. Wearing a political or peace BUTTON without a permit
issued 15 days in advance is a violation. Applies to protestors and parades, neither of which were occurring
in Crawford. Did you ever know 15 days in advance that Bush was going to Crawford? In this case Australian
Prime Minister John Howard was at the ranch.

Chief Tidmore's warning was a three minute ultimatum. to leave or be arrested. A group now known as the CRAWFORD FIVE . Michael Machicek stumbled upon the scene while walking down the street, wearing a large number of political buttons. The CRAWFORD FIVE spent the night on the floor of the McLennan County jail. The Crawford jury levyed the maximum fine against Patricia Major, Amanda Jack, and Ken Zarifis; $300.00 against Amare Maliszewski; and $200.00 against Michael Maachicek. All have appealed. Numerous suits filed".

RH:There must be a lot of jurisprudence on the First Amendment. Clearly the president must be allowed to conduct his business in peace. In these terrorist days he must be carefully protected. A label like "The Crawford Five" makes me wonder if they were not courting arrest. We shall see.

Mr. Kretzer’s deceptive email, "Constitution suspended in Crawford, Texas", is full of half-truths and outright mistakes.
No permit is required for wearing a peace button in Crawford, Texas, which is home to a permanent “Peace House” that peaceniks purchased there and which allows a permanent protest center in the little town. John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister was not at the President’s ranch at the time of the protest. The group of protestors from Austin and Dallas were warned that they were in violation of a city ordinance against demonstrating without a permit, an ordinance that is NOT a suspension of the Constitution, but one that is common in the United States and which has been held as a legal ordinance in hundreds of cities. Five (of about 100) refused to leave and were arrested. They did NOT spend the night on the floor of the local jail, unless they chose to do so. There are plenty of beds in the local calaboose.
The five arrestees were tried and convicted by a jury. Fines ranged from $200-$500. They are appealing". RH: My comment made clear that i had my reservations about the story. Austin suggests the University of Texas. Does David Crow have any comment?

Is the US arrogant?

Christopher Jones says_ "Of course in a round about way, John Wonder is also correct. Other countries also deserve a lion's share of the blame for the current mess in Iraq. Britain, Russia (as the successor to the old Soviet Union,) France, Italy (the largest commercial manufacturer of land mines) are high on the list. Many countries who suffered in the fight against communism so it is difficult to make an absolute tally. But my criticism stands. The US has conducted itself with arrogance and continues to do so in its belief that its "democracy" i.e. elections are a panacea that will cure the world's ills. I could not disagree more with the idea that since 1945, free elections have conquered all: what about China? Here is the world's most dynamic economy ruled by a one party state. And wealthy Saudi Arabia? Elections don't ensure democratic behavior, in the US system where both look so suspiciously the same, they look more and more like pseudo elections. Of course, there is also the question of real voter turn-out".

RH: I stick by my statement that "The consent of the government must be demonstrated in free elections. It is amazing how this has spread around the world: Latin America, fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, the communist bloc, Japàn. It is the most important political development of the modern era". Of course there are areas like China and Saudi Arabia where this is not yet the case. I agree with what Christopher says about the disgraceful US electoral system. Of all the English-speaking democracies, the US is the one in which money plays by far the greatest role, with the consequent corruption of the system. For this I blame the presidential system, which requires vast amounts of money to promote candidates nationwide. Unfortunately the likelihood that the US will adopt the parliamentary system is about nil.

Observations of an old World War II Marine

General Sullivan forwards these "Observations of an old World War II Marine". John K. McLean: "May an old World War II Marine veteran make a few observations about intelligence and the war in Iraq? When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, everyone understood that serious blunders on our part had contributed to the Japanese success. But aside from private grumbles by a few Republicans of an alleged Roosevelt conspiracy, Republicans in all walks of life rallied to the government and supported the war effort. Unlike today, an inquiry into the disaster was conducted in private and the results not made public until after the end of the war so as to avoid a severe distraction to the war effort and encouragement to the enemy. Republicans understood the paramount importance of national unity. At least two Republicans served in Roosevelt's war cabinet. My own family were staunch Republicans, but my father volunteered to head the local war bonds drive, and I joined the Marine Corps.

Were there intelligence failures? Yes, plenty! The unknown underwater obstacles at Tarawa and the failure to detect the German buildup that led to the Battle of the Bulge in Europe, to name a couple. Prior to our attack on Iwo Jima, I was told to expect no more than 13,000 Japanese defenders and a three to five day operation. There were actually 23,000 Japanese troops, and the operation lasted five weeks with unexpectedly heavy Marine casualties, the last pocket being our regimental zone of responsibility. There were six Congressional Medal of Honor winners, as I recall. Not one Marine returned home to denounce the war, accuse fellow Marines of massive atrocities, and attack the President for bad intelligence and lying to the people. We just gritted our teeth and finished the job on Iwo Jima. And when the war ended, Republicans joined the Democrats in giving full credit to Roosevelt and Truman for the victory.

The behavior of the Democrat opposition today is disgraceful and presents to the world a spectacle of national disunity that gives aid and comfort to our enemies. It ought to be an affront to every patriotic American".

Ronald Hilton -