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WAIS 2003 Benefactors; George Sassoon

We thank George Sassoon for his contribution to the WAIS survival and development fund.

The check came in a envelope with a handsome stamp, which I will give, as usual to Fred Hansson, honorary treasurer of WAIS and owner of a remarkable stamp collection.

The stamp shows a picture of Glendinnan Viaduct, which seems to be near the place where George lives. in the west of Scotland TheShell Guide to Britain does not mention the viaduct, which looks like an ancient masterpiece of engineering, The guide describes Glendinnan as an angling resort at the head of Loch Shiel-There are si many lochs in that part of Scotland that it is difficult to disentangle them.

There is a monument marking the historic spot where Prince Charles raised his standard at the gathering of the clans in 1745. That was when the clans stopped fighting each other, and bonnie Prince Charles led them to attack England. It was a wild goose chase, so the clans went home and started fighting each other again.

On the stamp the hills look very peaceful. There is in the corner of the stamp a small portrait of Queen Elizabeth, apparently keeping an eye on the place to make sure that the clans respect law and order. I don't suppose George celebrates Thanksgiving.

Probably on St. Andrew's Day, he plays his bagpipes and eats haggis. I do not understand why in that mysterious dish there is no fish, so abundant in the lochs. Haggis is "a Scottish dish made of the lungs, heart, etc. of a sheep or calf, mixed with suet, seasoning, oatmeal and boiled in the animal's stomach". That "etc." sounds awfully suspicious to me. George, I'll have some fish.

Ronald Hilton - 11.26.03