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WAIS 2003 Benefactors; Norman Sacks

We thank Norman Sacks for his contribution to the WAIS Survival and development Fund.

Norman is one of the luminaries of Hispanic Studies; he and I are linked by a common interest in Salvador de Madariaga. For years he was at the University of Wisconsin. To get away from the cold weather, he and his wife Miriam retired to sunny California, and more precisely to Pasadena. The freak hailstorm there this week must have reminded them of Wisconsin.

The relationship between the hailstorm and Schwarzenegger has not been clarified, although some suggest he ordered it from Austria.

Norm is still quite young, three months short of 90, but on a cruise to Hawaii he made a old man's mistake and fell, and he was confined to Pasadena hospital for six or seven weeks. He is slowly recovering. He is a senior WAISer, having been a member for decades. We all wish him a complete recovery.

Ronald Hilton - 11.16.03