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WAIS Survival and Development Fund
Dick & Pat Payne
John Stahr

We thank Dick and Pat Payne and also John Stahr for their contributions to the WAIS survival and development fund. We posted recently an item about Dick and Pat and their years in Tunisia. Pat was seriously injured by an automobile in Winchester, England. We trust she is now almost as good as new. Talking about injuries, Les Robinson told me that John Stahr, who was one of his students, fell out of a fraternity window and landed on his head. Being a very determined sort, he picked himself up, took the exam and got an A. He was also one of my best undergraduate students, but he then went into law and practised it or litigated, whatever lawyers do. Contributions like those from Dick, Pat and John have a sentimental value for me, since they bring back memories of old times.

Ronald Hilton - 11.15.03