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WAIS 2003 Benefactors; Siegfried Ramler and Robert Romeo

I wish to thank Siegfried Ramler and Robert Romeo for their contributions to the WAIS Survival and Development Fund.

In this regard, Dwight Peterson writes: "I like your approach to WAIS renewals. It is another burden to you, but a bio of the donor, however abbreviated-even if only profession and area of world in which domiciled, is not only interesting to other WAISers but should stimulate more contributions. The amount of each donation should not be mentioned, but an occasional general comment should be made that the average donation approximates $95.00 or $105.00 or whatever youhope it to be. It would be convenient if you could include in each announcement name of payee and address where to send".

Others have suggested making brief bios of WAISers available. Therefore, with your contributions, unless you prefer not to, please include a brief bio of yourself, not more than 200 words. I will edit them. As for the amount, most WAISers could easily afford $100 or more, but the gesture is most important.

If all you can afford is 5 cents, please send it. Not to make the gesture seems like unWAIS ingratitude.

Make out the checks to WAIS, and send them to me at 766 Santa Ynez, Stanford, CA 94305-8441. Last year a check sent to me at Hoover was put by a mailroom clerk in the Hoover development fund box. It took months and considerable correspondence to recover it.

Ronald Hilton - 11.09.03