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WAIS 2003 Benefactors; Miles Seeley and Cameron Sawyer

We thank Miles Seeley and Cameron Sawyer for their contributions to the WAIS survival and development fund.

Miles is well known to WAISers. He spent most of his career with the CIA, the Arab countries being his beat.I have thought about him a lot this week because of the books and reports which claim that the CIA should have known about 9/11 but failed to reply to the warnings. I have no idea if the charges are true or if Miles wishes to comment on these charges.

I asked Cameron for his vita, and he sent this statement, prepared by his public relations office:
"Cameron F. Sawyer, lawyer and entrepreneur, from Nashville, Tennessee, was educated at the University of Michigan Law School, Vanderbilt University, the University of Regensburg, and the Rice University School of Music.
Mr. Sawyer was a DAAD fellow at the Ludwigs-Maximillian University of Munich.
After practicing law for five years at Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy in Atlanta, Mr. Sawyer moved to Moscow, USSR, where he was employed at Perestroika Joint Venture, a commercial real estate development firm.
In January, 1993, Mr. Sawyer established the private firm GVA Sawyer (, which is now a leader on the Russian market in the fields of real estate development, consulting, city planning, engineering, commercial brokerage, and construction.
GVA Sawyer developed and built the headquarters of the United Nations in Moscow, and two other GVA Sawyer projects have been the subject of Harvard Business School case studies. Mr. Sawyer is a popular writer and speaker on topics concerning the Russian economy and the Russian real estate market, is the author of dozens of articles and commentaries on these subjects, and has appeared as a speaker at international conferences on panels with such figures as Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov and Russian Minister of the Economy Yuri Yasin".

I suggest that Cameron visit Lenin's tomb to see if his remarks about him have made his turn over.

Ronald Hilton - 11.16.03