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WAIS 2003 Benefactors; Siegfried Ramler

Siegfried Ramler is a highly esteemed WAISer. Here is his bio:

Siegfried Ramler is currently a Senior Adjunct Fellow at Hawaii's East-West Center, a key research and training institution in Honolulu which focuses on issues pertaining to the Asia-Pacific region. Active in the education sector of the East-West Center, his current projects include a cooperative initiative with China's Ministry of Education and Peking University under the heading "Teaching about China and the United States." This initiative, now in its third year, brings together faculty in Chinese universities teaching about the United States and US faculty teaching about China to develop a deeper perspective and understanding of the issues facing their respective countries and to improve their teaching and writing about such issues.

Siegfried Ramler, born in Austria, received his early education in Vienna, moving to London after the Anschluss where he continued his secondary and beginning university studies. As the second world war was ending, he was assigned from London to help as a linguist with the US Army advance into Germany. This led to his appointment to the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg where he was first engaged in the pre-trial interrogations of the defeated German leadership in preparation of the international trial. He was a member of the team which pioneered the simultaneous interpreting system, first used at Nuremberg and now a standard practice at multi-lingual international conferences. During the subsequent proceedings, following the main international trial at Nuremberg, Ramler was chief of the interpreting branch.

After his service at Nuremberg, Ramler obtained graduate degrees at the University of Paris and, moving to the Pacific, at the University of Hawaii. He was chairman of the language department at Honolulu's Punahou School, teaching French and German language and literature, in addition to teaching duties at the University of Hawaii. At Punahou School, where he served for several decades, he was appointed Director of Instruction and also founded its Wo International Center, giving the school a unique international reach.

Siegfried Ramler publishes widely in professional journals and lectures at conferences in the United States and in the Asia-Pacific region. He is founder and past president of the Alliance Francaise of Hawaii, past president of the Japan-America Society of Hawaii, past president of the Hawaii branch of the American Association for the United Nations, and founding member and Vice Chair of the Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation. The government of Japan awarded Ramler the Imperial Order of the Sacred Treasure, the government of France named him Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Acadmiques and awarded him the Ordre National du Mrite.

Ronald Hilton - 11.16.03