WAIS Thanks Eric Boehm, Harry Papasotiriou, Les Robinson, Edgar Knowlton, Robert Romeo

WAIS thanks the following for their contributions to its survival and development fund:

ERIC BOEHM is a WAIS patriarch and a generous supporter. He is also a very creative person. He founded ABC-Clio, which is now run by his son Ron. Go to Google, type "Eric Boehm" and a WAIS tribute to him will appear. His interest in autobiography was expressed in We Survived, a collection of stories of people who like him escaped from the Nazi holocaust. He said that a new edition was coming out.  When it does, I trust he will send me a copy so that I may tell WAIS and the world about it.  There are several highly esteemed WAISers who, like Eric, escaped from the holocaust.  Eric might wish to  get their accounts to include in a future edition. His latest enterprise is the Boehm Group "linking past,present and future".  There are thousands of people who have had significant careers but who do not have the necessary skills to write their autobiography. The Boehm Group will collect all the available materials and produce one. It will be of interest not only to the individual's family but to historians generally. For more information, e-mail info@BoehmGroup.Com.

HARRY PAPASOTIRIOU of Greece received his Ph.D in political science from Stanford and now teaches in Athens. He took part in the WAIS globalization conference.  His contribution came via Western Union.  We constantly hear of Mexican Americans sending money that way to their families in Mexico.  Believe it or not, I had never used the system myself, so I was interested in the procedure, which included quick translation of euros into dollars.  The woman who attended to me was from Gujarat, the home of  Gandhi, who was assassinated in 1948.  She said she remembered him, but she must have been a child.

LES ROBINSON has just returned from a month in Portugal.  He promised us a report, but he says his computer has broken down.  We wish it a speedy recovery.

EDGAR KNOWLTON, professor emeritus at the University of Hawaii,is a Romance scholar with a  special interest in Portugal. He reminds us of the Portuguese presence in the Pacific, the legacy of a nation of great navigators.

ROBERT ROMEO's contribution came in an envelope with a stamp honoring Mary Cassatt (1845-1926), born in Pittsburgh but little known in the US because she spent most of her life in France. Her favorite theme was mother and child, and a series of her etchings is titled "Maternity". The postage stamp reproduces one of her mother and child pictures. I hope feminists do not view her as a traitor to their cause. No matter: the Pope, the Republican Administration, whish issued the stamp, and I give her our enthusiastic support and hope the child grows up to be a law-abiding citizen..

While WAIS is most grateful to those named, why is it always the same group which supports WAIS? WAIS wishes the others would wake up.

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last updated: November 10, 2004