WAIS Thanks Dick and Pat Payne

WAIS thanks Dick and Pat Payne for their contribution to its survival  and development fund.  They spent many years in Tunisia, where Dick was representative of the Ford Foundation.  Now that they are free agents, I hope they will feel free to Arab affairs. When I was in Tunisia it was still a French protectorate. The contribution came with a holiday season greeting card. The caption proclaimed the Christmas "JOY TO THE WORLD", but the scene depicted an array of animals dominated by a large elephant. Not a donkey in sight. In the sky hovers one of Jaqui White's bald eagles. In this subliminal political propaganda?  Given the present political atmosphere, it is quite possible that the artist was paid to get the Bush message across.  So if Bush wins the election. you will know how his victory was achieved.

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last updated: November 10, 2004