WAIS Thanks Glenye Cain and Peter Cleaves

WAIS thanks Glenye Cain and Peter Cleaves for their contributions to the WAIS survival and development fund. The message from Glenye came from Beagle House, on letterhead adorned with a beagle. It looks just like Jaqui White's beagle. Seen one beagle, seen 'em all. Horses come in different colors. Are Snaffles different in color? What does Glenye think of "Snaffles House"? The  stamp on the envelope bids us a Happy New Year! It bears an inscription in  Chinese (?) and a depiction of a very odd goat (?).  Is this the year of the goat? The stamp will be forwarded to Fred Hansson, who can consult a bestiary. We would like to hear more about Peter Cleaves' travels.  I assume that his job involves frequent visits to Latin America.

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: October 25, 2004