WAIS thanks Martin Storey and Robert Gard

WAIS thanks Martin Storey and Robert Gard for their contributions to the WAIS survival and development fund. Martin's letter came from Perth, Western Australia, where he is enjoying summer, but the stamp, which will be forwarded to Fred Hansson, showed a scene of Tasmania, which unfortunately I do not know.  The inscription, in letters so small I had to use my magnifying glass, said it was a scene from Mr,Williams National Park. About it and him I can find nothing.   It shows a large rock outcropping by the sea with some animals I cannot identify.  Tasmania has marsupials, notably the Tasmanian Devil (nearly extinct) and the Tasmanian wolf. The stamp is marked $1.80, without any reference to the fact that it is in Australian dollars, Many countries, in addition to the US, have their own dollar: Canada, Australia,New Zealand, Ethiopia, Liberia and several former British colonies.  This brings up the whole question of currencies, which we must make the subject of a later discussion.

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Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: November 20, 2004